Sunday, February 3, 2013

Hey Everybody!!! Look at THIS!!!!

Apparently,  this weekend is "Blog Amnesty Day".

Here's what B.A.D. is all about:

I am not wise in the ways of blogginess (nor am I wise in the ways of science). Consequently, I was not aware that such a grand holiday existed

 ...until today.

I was catching up on all the blogs I follow and, imagine my surprise and delight when I read THIS:


This is pretty cool and I am all giddy and blushy and happy.


Thanks so very very VERY much, Big Bad Bald Bastard!!

You are far too kind!!


p.s. It should be noted that Mr. Big Bad Bald Bastard is not even My Mom .... and he still likes my stuff.

Oh yeah!!

p.p.s. Did you notice the part when he described my post as PURE COMEDY GOLD??



  1. hey squirrel girl, link to 5 other blogs and send me a link to your post and i'll include you in the posts but you gotta do it tonight it's the last day

  2. (nor am I wise in the ways of science)

    One of the best all time lines in any movie ever. HIGH FIVE!

    p.p.s. Did you notice the part when he described my post as PURE COMEDY GOLD??

    That post cracked me up, and the bit about your dad's friend telling him that Poltergeist was a fun movie for the kids reminded me about my friend going around telling everybody that Reservoir Dogs was, and I quote, a "great date movie".

  3. Dear Mr. BBB Bastard:
    You have impeccable taste in Blogs.
    Fan of Squirrel-E-Grrl

  4. Are you stealing my blogging boyfriend??? Grrrrrrr.
    Sniff... Congratulations on being featured!!! I had my blog in suspended animation or else I"M SURE I would have been featured as well....


  5. BBBB- Again...Thank you VERY VERY much for all that other stuff AND the Holy Grail High Five!!

    KG - :) aw shucks!! Thanks!!

    Laura - You have a stable of blogging boyfriends... I'm sure you won't miss one ;) ...and Thanks :D

  6. And...

    Skippy- Although I'm fairly certain you will not be checking back in, I'm sorry I didn't send you my 5 the time I checked back in, it was too late. Next Year!!


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