Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Death by Electrocution!!


I am the best blogger EVER. I am super funny, incredibly thoughtful and wondrously wise. I produce the most charming and interesting anecdotes that are both timely and relevant. My words flow effortlessly.

 Quite simply, I am a blogger extraordinaire.

All of these statements are true ... just hop in the shower with me and you, too, can enjoy the awesomeness that is my blogging ability. 

Fact is, I do my best blogging in the shower. 

As soon as the taps turn on, my inner blog-ologue kicks into high gear. I come up with the greatest material. I've composed insightful essays on the trials and tribulations of parenting. I've pondered the meaning of life and solved most of its many mysteries. I've recalled more than a few zany and rivetting ;) dog and cat tales. And jokes ....ohhhhh the jokes!! I am constantly cracking myself up. I am a funny funny kid.

I just need to cobble together some sort of  device that transfers my fabulous innermost showery thoughts from my hot-water activated mind to my iPad that waits patiently for me out on the couch. This fancy, new-fangled device would, of course, have to possess a water-tight power-source because it'd suck for my blogging career  to be cut down its prime due to a tragic shower time electrocution.


I'll ask Steve Jobs and his minions to develop a superfunnythought-transferring app. Then I'd just have to pop any of my assorted Apple products into a Ziploc and Bob's yer uncle.

Problem solved... And death by electrocution averted.