Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Guess Who's Smarter Than an Octopus???

Now ... I realize that I am coming dangerously close to reaching this blog's S.S.P (Squirrel Saturation Point), but I discovered this in my inbox and couldn't NOT post it:


Holding strong at #7, baby!!!

Oh yeah!!!


Karen Graham said...


Pooches didn't make the list?
I demand a recount on behalf of all that is canine and furry....

(*) - Just following existing Squirrel_e_grrl(** syntax

(**) Those extra underscores are F'ing irritating...

LisaAnn said...

Nice to meet you through SheWrites! This blog is already making me laugh out loud, and I look forward to exploring it further... :)

squirrel_e_girl said...

KG-Your thoughts echo my own...and thanks for supporting my commitment to profanity. You f@#king ROCK!!!
LisaAnn-Thanks so much for reading me :) I was wondering, though, how'd you find me?? and what is this "SheWrites" of which you speak?