Thursday, October 6, 2011

Is it too late to change the name of my blog??

Ah man... I saw this today and now have tumbled stripey-tail first into a major identity crisis.

Take a peek and you'll understand my plight:

Chipmunks are waaaaaaayyyy cuter and Look!! These little dudes have a cage and a wheel and everything .

 "Musings From the Chipmunk Cage" by chipmunk_e_girl

Whaddya think??

....hmmmm...Actually, I think I'll stick with my squirrels. That extra syllable in 'chipmunk' messes with the whole rhythm and flow....And I'm all about the rhythm and flow. (although I do have a bastard of a time trying to spell 'rhythm' right ... 'rhyme' is another word that causes me grief. Apparently, the "rhy" combo doesn't sit well with me)

OK...everyone back to your stations. Major Identity Crisis averted.

Although... I also stumbled upon this video:

honeybadger_e_girl has a pretty nice ring to it, dontcha think??

Nah...I'm nowhere near badass enough. And, I don't eat snakes.

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