Wednesday, October 1, 2014

A Modern Day (Netflix-Viewing) Tragedy...

My Guy and I have become mired down in what could quite possibly be crowned as THE  Definitive First World Problem.

Let me preface this by saying that I don't watch much TV... at all.

Really. I've convinced myself that Netflix doesn't count as TV...sshhhhhhhh...don't burst my bubble. 

I watch The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones and that's pretty much it.

...and their seasons basically run back to back so I'm good for about an hour a week.


I'm not sure why I felt the need for any sort of preface...but a preface is what you got.

So, a couple of weeks ago, we started watching Battlestar Galactica on Netflix.

..the re-imagined series... NOT to be confused with the most excellent original one from way back when that my little kid self was super obsessed with ...this is the one that I am obsessed with right now as a grown up adult person.

At first, all was going swimmingly.

We were really really enjoying the show in all its post-apocalyptic, space fantasy, campy glory.

It was awesome!!!

Spending nice time together, cuddling on the couch with the dogs and kitten.

Quality family bonding time is what it was!! Yes, indeedy.

We had deep conversations trying to figure out who was a Cylon and who wasn't. (I've actually got my suspicions that Shane is a Cylon, too, but we'll keep that just between you and me)

We even incorporated Battlestar Galactica lingo into our everyday conversations...

"Gods Damn it!! I forgot to buy milk!!"

"I wish the fraking dog would fraking quit barking."

"Oh my gods, that kitten is so fraking adorable."

"Where the frak did I leave my wallet??"

"Don't get all up in my grill...I'm the good Gaius."

You know, the usual stuff.

We had settled into a nice sensible Netflix viewing groove and were watching an episode or two...sometimes three... a night,  if/when we had a chance.

No big deal...

Until we noticed a little tiny notation at the bottom of the Netflix Battlestar Galactica Episode Page (not entirely sure if that's really what the actual page is called but I'm going with it).

This little tiny seemingly harmless notation read "Available until October 1".

Available until October 1st???

As in a week and a half from the day that we noticed this godsforsaken life-altering notation???






Needless to say, our easy casual Battlestar Galactica viewing shifted into Extreme Battlestar Galactica Binge Watching Mode.

We were fraking committed!!

And we almost made it, too.


We finished Season 4 Episode 10 last night/this morning at 12:20am....and we had to surrender.

We need our sleep.

We both have jobs.

We have to be at the top of our games. (One of us is responsible for ensuring that a city with the population of 160 000 has clean drinking water. One of us picks up dog poo for a living. Clear, sharp thinking is a MUST!! Sleep-deprived minds are NOT clear and sharp!!)

It was a sacrifice we had to make. If we've learned one thing from the survivors of the 2nd Cylon Revolution, it's that life's all about tough decisions. You can't take the easy way out or people DIE gods damn it!!! They DIE!!!

There are 21 episodes in the final season.

We made it through 10.

We have 11 left.

(See the math I just did there?? Impressive, no?)

It isn't on Netflix anymore.

I checked.

It was the first thing I did this morning when I woke up.


All is not lost though.

We can actually watch the rest online.

There are pirated links all over the place...


It just won't be the same.

Our BluRay player was Netflix-equipped so we could watch it on our TV...sitting on our big comfy couch ... with our Bose surround sound system. It was awesome.

And now we have to sit hunched at our computer.

Our mission was not accomplished.

Sorry Admiral Adama.

We fraked up.

Big time.

So now you know where we'll be...

Sitting hunched at the computer...

For 11, 42-minute-long episodes.

My Guy found this video today and it's hilarious and makes me feel like less of a fraking wackjob.

He and I are not alone.

Take a peek: (Don't worry about the fact that the video is 10 minutes long...Really, it's only the first few minutes that are funny to anyone who has gone off the edge binge-watching a series. The last half of the video is probably funny only to those who are you only have to commit to a few measly minutes...You can do it!! I know you can!! It's not like you have to watch 11 X 42 minutes in order for your life to have meaning again. A few measly minutes is nothing...NOTHING, I say!!)


And here's a pretty fall-ish picture to boost my page view count:


Big Bad Bald Bastard said...

One of us is responsible for ensuring that a city with the population of 160 000 has clean drinking water. One of us picks up dog poo for a living

Keeping things clean, by land and by sea!

Do you think you can get the Blu-Rays of the series out of the public library?

Big Bad Bald Bastard said...

Yo, happy Thanksgiving!

Laura said...

How did I miss this???
Have I told you lately that you're fraking hilarious and that I loves you!?