Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Reader Beware!!

Just to make sure that I'm starting out on the up and up, I should probably disclose the fact that the profile pic I've posted isn't really me. It's a Squirrel who goes by the name Scaredy and NOT a girl who goes by the name of squirrel_e_

Glad I cleared that up.

I should probably also say that Scaredy Squirrel and all things related to him (including my profile pic) belong to the most excellent Canadian children's author, Melanie Watt. I'm just borrowing the picture. I will give it back. I promise.

The Scaredy Squirrel books are brilliantly hilarious and I consider Scaredy to be a rock solid role model.  I discovered him on the very day my husband decided that he didn't want to be married to me anymore and reading that silly wonderful book actually gave me something to aspire to.  He was the bravest Scaredy Squirrel I'd ever laid eyes on and I figured if I could be like Scaredy then I could maybe pull this whole being dumped thing off... and I did. I heart Scaredy Squirrel.

Please, if you ever get the chance, make sure to buy these great great books and give them to someone you love ... or keep 'em for yourself and revel in all that is Scaredy Squirrel.





And there is a new one coming out. I can hardly wait!!!

Even before I met Scaredy, I felt a certain warm smoooshy affinity towards squirrels. I love squirrels. They are a complete riot to watch and totally crack me up. For years, I have fondly placed the blame for the swift-moving, erratic and sometimes frantic inner-workings of my mind squarely at the feet of the lunatic squirrels who reside inside my head. (BTW- that's figuratively inside my head. I'd have to be a real freak-show to have them literally residing in my head. I keep the live ones in my closet.)

I guess why I'm waxing all poetic-like about squirrels is that I'm attempting to explain my choice of title for this blog. Future, past and present posts will be swift-moving, erratic and sometimes frantic ... just like my beloved squirrels.

Beware: This blog may contain nuts.

Oh yeah.

Edit #1: Before there was Scaredy, there was Danny. Awesome.

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