Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Holy Shitballs.

So...my erstwhile husband turned fellow blogger just outted me in his latest(fabulous) post. Now, THOUSAND(S) of people know that it is I who is squirrel_e_girl and THOUSAND(S)of people will be clambering to read my stuff.

... what?....

Please hold your doubtful sniggering.

It's possible.

This dude has well over a thousand Facebook friends who will, of course, ALL want to check me out ;)

Anyhow, thousands of people aside...it's the few of those thousand+ friends I DO know who may actually take a couple of seconds to read me that freaks me out a wee bit.


Anonymous Blogger no more. YIKES!!

Hi Mom. I'm writing a blog now.

Does this count as my March installment in my 'One Post a Month(at least)' commitment?


Oh yeah.

p.s. I know.... 1000+ Facebook friends??? How is THAT even possible?? ;)

p.p.s. Steel Cut Oats with a sprinkling of brown sugar and a splash of milk is delicious ...Who knew??

1 comment:

Johnny Waite said...

Haha! The squirrel is loose!!!!