Wednesday, June 8, 2011

So this guy walks into a bar...

...And orders up a small harp seal.

Thank you. Thank you very much.

Edit #1 - Please note that the comments down below actually make this post worth the read.


Melissa Smart said...


Did he get a side of CLUB soda with it?

Melissa Smart said...

A lady takes her car to the mechanic. The mechanic checks the the car and
tells the lady "It looks like you blew a seal" the lady answers back
wiping her mouth "No, that just a little mayonaise from lunch!"
Did you hear about the baby seal that walked into a club?

Baby seal goes into a bar, the Barman says "What'll it be?".
The seal replies "Anything but Canadian Club on the rocks!".

A baby harp seal was crawling around the rocky shores out in
the open. A greenpea$e person ran over to it and said, "Don't
you know there are evil men out here to kill you and take your
skin? Why are you out here in the open?"

The seal replied, "Beats me!"