Wednesday, April 24, 2013

My New Favourite Search Keywords!!

So, I've decided to, for the most part, ignore any and all the search keywords having anything to do with "porn", "squirrel", "Scaredy, "dirty","cartoon" or any combination of those aforementioned words. When checking in on my stats, I usually give a brief perfunctory glance down at the Search Keyword area, mutter a quick perfunctory "sickos" under my breath and carry on with my day.

A Quick Definition...for people who are my parents: Search Keywords are words that people type into any search engine that, for whatever reason,  happen to lead their search to my blog. For those of you who may wonder what the search keywords that have led the most people to my blog?? "Santa Claus" YAY!!!

A Quack Observation: I just watched 2 ducks casually stroll across my front yard....huh...not something you see everyday/ever. The lovely couple has carried on waddling down the street. This brings me great joy and I thought I'd share. Thanks for the smile, Mr & Mrs Mallard.


Imagine my surprise and delight when, just now, I discovered a fresh new group of search keywords!!!

And, those surprising and delightful words are....

drumroll, please.

"musings for the sensitive lumberjack"


"watching drunk women peeing at concerts"


Isn't that GREAT!!??

Lumberjacks and women peeing at concerts!!! Finally, a break from cartoon squirrel porn.

It's like a breath of fresh air.


So, I gather the lumberjack one led that person to this post and I'm pretty sure the drunk women one led that person to this post

A Word of Caution: the first link is a post where I talk a little about lumberjacks and a little about crying ...huh...weird. And the second link is a post where I'm drunk a concert.



If you actually clicked on the second link and actually watched the videos... A) I'm sorry and 2) I'm not that obnoxious for reals... it was just the booze and tremendous amounts of caffeine talking.

The week AFTER that concert I posted this post which, near the end, has a video of me promising that the next time I go to a Zac Brown Band concert, I will remain sober and I that I will also remain for the encore...yikes.

Well, guess what!!

ZBB is coming to town!!!

And I have tickets!!

THREE of 'em!!

Yep... The Girl is coming with us and I am very very excited about that. It'll be the first concert we've gone to together since she was little (we went to see Xavier Rudd a few times. His shows are super cool. And almost five years ago we went to see Avril Lavigne. Her shows are super loud. Thousands of screaming tween girls...Holy Shit!! And actually, I was rather impressed with how Avril handled herself on stage. She seemed happy and level-headed and was really quite professional.)

Even though I knew what the answer would be, before I went ahead and bought the tickets, I texted The Boy to ask if he wanted to go too. He texted back:


Don't sugarcoat it, Jack. You don't have to worry about hurting my feelings. I can take it.

Anyhow, the only bummer about it all is that the concert is on August 30th...and that is a LOOOOOOONG long ways away and I am a total instant gratification kinda guy and waiting over 4 months for something this exciting is excruciating. So when the big day finally arrives, I'll be all "WAHOOooOOooOO!! Zac Brown concert!!! AWESOME!!!" but when that big day arrives, it'll also mean that summer is over and I'll be all "Damn. Winter is coming." <----That one is for the Game of Thrones peeps out there.

~An Aside: My birthday is August 13th and when I was a kid, I'd do the super excited kid Birthday Countdown and could hardly wait until it arrived and then it always did and then I'd look at the calendar again and, "AH MAN!!! Only two weeks until back to school. Crap!".So in that way, birthdays have always been kinda bittersweet for me.~ summarize:

Zac Brown Band concert. August. No to Rockstar [+Vodka]s. Yes to Encore. Personal Growth. Winter. Lumberjacks.

Xavier Rudd:

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Big Bad Bald Bastard said...

I prefered the "Squirrel Cage After Dark" p0rn-y search terms.