Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The End Was Nigh!!

I'm just in the middle of a YouTube Journey through some kickass 80s tunes and I must share this one...

"Dancing with Tears in my Eyes" by Ultravox

Holy Shit I loved this song.

I had it on 45 and I listened to it over and over and over and over and over and over and over again.

And then I would listen to it again.

I thought it was so romantic ... and so fucking terrifying at the same time.

~An Aside .... When I was a kid, I was  completely freaked out by the threat of nuclear war ... and when I say I was completely freaked out by the threat of nuclear war I mean...


My parents spent a couple of hours talking my 13 year old super sensitive self down after we watched the movie "The Day After".  I guess I was ridiculously traumatized by the events in the movie and had a total meltdown (no pun intended). I couldn't /wouldn't go to bed and I remember sitting up with my Mom and Dad in the family room talking and talking and talking ... and I may have cried a little ... (you may remember that I am the girl who cried about the poor dying lambs in Scotland, so the fact that I shed a couple of tears over the destruction of humanity by way of nuclear holocaust should come as no great surprise.) 

I just watched a clip from the movie...the first time I've seen it in 30 years ... and I think I feel my blood pressure going through the roof...I can hear my heart pounding in my ears. Is that a good thing??

Take a look at it yourself:



Back to my blog post about a super great 80s pop song...

So, anyway...I loved/love the song and while the song's video did little to lessen my nuclear war threat freaked-outed-ness, it did not lessen my love and appreciation of the actual song itself.

I remember swaying my way around my living room with the stereo turned up way too loud for my Mom's tastes.

Sorry Mom...

Although ... 

Before I get too far into my apology for listening to loud music 30 years ago....

...I can't believe you guys didn't encourage me to NOT watch the horrifying nuclear bomb movie that scarred me for life. Did it not occur to either of you that I was the same kid who had to leave the room whenever "Those Amazing Animals" showed any segments that were preceded by the "The Following Scenes May Be Too Graphic For The Sensitive Viewer" type of warnings ?? ... if I couldn't bear to watch a lion take down a gazelle, why did you think I'd be able to handle watching the Russians take down civilization??



I absolutely LOVE "Dancing With Tears in My Eyes" by Ultravox.

Here it is again (just in case you missed it up there)

It's great.

Sleep tight!!



Laura said...

I'd totally forgotten about that song! I LOVED it too and may have dropped some moves while listening. It was one of my teenage angst songs.

My parents let me watch The Day After Tomorrow as well. I was Ok until it showed some people being turned into dust while trying to get away. Then I was FREAKED OUT!

Ahem.,. I'm noticing some "F Bombs" (no pun intended), in this post. Well done!!!!


Big Bad Bald Bastard said...

I love the song, but I never saw the video... I thought it was about a breakup.

It's a lot like OMD's Enola Gay, a really pretty song about a really scary topic.

Furtheron said...

It is a knack we Brits have ... to write pretty pop songs about the annihilation of the planet.