Sunday, September 16, 2012

iHeart Apples ... and Gord Bamford

Good Morning, Beloved Readers!!

It is a gorgeous late summer/early fall Sunday morning. Sunny, cool and crisp feels exactly like a delicious apple tastes.

~a delicious apple as in 'a tasty apple' not as in 'a Delicious Apple' ...I'm not a huge fan of Delicious Apples...don't care much for the texture. But delicious apples I'm all over!! yum yum!! I highly recommend delicious apples of the Honey Crisp variety. My sis-in-law introduced me to them last fall and my life has never been the same. Dee-lish~

Speaking of Apples .... I didn't get around to posting our "squirrel_e_girl & The Girl's Country Tune of the Week" as I promised last night. My Guy and I thought it would be fun to create the little "outtake" video of my foolishness that I added to last night's post and it took a whole bunch of time figuring out how to stick 'em all together as one... and through a whole bunch of trial and error, we managed to get them off my iPhone and onto our iMac and then learn how to use iMovie and I nearly lost my iPatience and then my iMind but my iGuy is an iWiz-aard and it iWORKED!!! <--- you can see our iWizardry in last night's post.

Although, I've decided I might have to leave the vlogging stuff to the pros (I'm talkin' bout YOU, Hannah Hart and Jenna Marbles) and just keep to writing ... When writing, it does not matter if I have fuzzy hair, a red nose or black eyes and if I occasionally blink like a fuzzy-haired, red-nosed, black-eyed owl...Hoo cares??


Down to business...

"squirrel_e_girl & The Girl's Country Tune of the Week"

I'm on my own ...again...with this week's pick. I think I might have to fire my collaborator ...she's slacking. A couple of broken toes and crippling pain only buys you one "Get Out of Collaboration Free" card.

Anyway, since Limpy isn't around to help me pick, I'm going to choose a song that she probably has not even a little bit of interest in...

Just. Because. I. Can.


Just. Because. iCan.

My choice is: "Leaning on a Lonesome Song" by: fellow Canadian, Gord Bamford

I love this song. From the very first time I heard it, it struck a chord deep inside my heart. It's probably as close to the kind of country music that I grew up listening to as there is out there and it just grabs me...especially the chorus.  When I was looking for the video, I found a live version he played on a radio station out west. In the interview, he explained that he wrote if soon after his brother-in-law committed was his way of coping with his grief.

Anyhow, here it is:

(edit-- I just watched this again...after writing this post ...and noticed all the Apple product placement in this video...Apparently, either Gord, or his director, likes Apples's like this video was iMADE specifically for my post :)  What a coinkidink...Thanks, Gord)

And, you feel like having a wee little sniffle...and you have a son...then watch this one, called "Little Guy":

And, if you feel like having a wee little sniffle...and you have a daughter...then watch this one, called "My Daughter's Father":

And, if you feel like watching a bunch of sweet young thangs frolicking on the beach in Tofino...then watch this one,  called "Blame it on that Red Dress":

And, I think this song is cute and funny... "Drinking Buddy":

I didn't, till just now, realize how many Gord Bamford songs I like. I feel a little iTune splurge comin' on...I'll be supporting some fine Canadian talent.



Laura said...

Mmmm I love those Honey Crisp apples too. I think I first saw them at Country Produce then Zehrs. (although I"m boycotting Zehrs at the moment... and if you saw me in there this morning it doesn't count).

Anyhoo.. those songs remind me of the music my Dad listened to when I was a kid too. More like.. country/western. Not my fav but I watched the videos and the ones about the son/daughter were so visually beautiful. They looked crisp like a delicious apple too! (not "Delicious Apple" cause I'm with you.. those suck. Except for the golden ones.. they are good).

Thank is all. I'm off to check out your ivideo. ;p


Laura said...

On a side note.. I finally got around to adding your blog to my sidebar for all to see.
You know what that means bitch.....

squirrel_e_girl said...

BOYCOTTING ZEHRS!!??? gasp!!! Why for?? You must be mental!! I can't imagine shopping anywhere else...nothing compares.

I don't think I've ever tried a Golden Delicious ...I may have to give it a shot.They sell them singly don't they?? I'm not sure I can commit myself to a whole bag of them.

And, thanks for the "Side Bar Shout Out" ...I've already had one visitor pop by from your place...I expect an unprecedented spike in my page view stats any minute now :D

Laura said...

The boycott is due to the fact that i spent $250 on groceries and bought bags. I was sliding my debit card into the machine to pay when the cashier said.. "Oh! You need two more bags.".. then deleted the purchase so she could charge me for the extra bags.
I was almost done with my debt crap and she canceled the purchase????!!! For 10 cents? After I had spent $250 flippin dollars???
I agree.. I love Zehrs but I simply CANNOT let this go!
(the proof in that statement is that I'm still talking about it a week and a half later..)

Yes! You can buy the Golden Delish apples in singles. They are much softer and juicer than the red ones. Very yums!

If everyone that reads my blog doesn't get their asses over here to read you, I'm going to have to do a feature of you or something! ;)