Saturday, September 8, 2012

My Drunk Concert

Alternate Title: Zac Brown Band Does it Up Right

Alternate Alternate Title: The Karen Show

Alternate Alternate Alternate Title: squirrel_e_girl's (minus The Girl) Country Tune of the Week

Ok...So last night My Guy and I went to what was, hands down, the best concert I've ever been to... ever.


Really Really.

Zac Brown and his super talented bandmates sure put on a spectacular show.

The music was great. The harmonies were brilliant. The light show was very bright and flashy.


The crowd was HUGE!!!

I've never, in my whole life, seen so many cowboy hats in one place. It was quite something.

Line ups were immense...especially for the women's washroom...That's why I accompanied My Guy into the boys' washroom...a little trick I picked up in Nam. Dudes don't care. They all seem to get a huge kick out of it...and I get to pee without waiting 3 1/2 years in line.

I'm crazy like that.

I had so much fun ... and several RockStar[+Vodka]s... and at 8pm the night after...I'm still feeling the after-effects of all that fun ... and the several RockStar[+Vodka]s... and I can't bring myself to be all writer-like so I'm going to be lazy and rely on some of the stellar video footage I shot last night.

You are in for a real treat.


The second song they played last night is one of my favourites (I've already featured it in a previous posts).

Here's "Whiskey's Gone"....well, most of it anyway...captured live via iPhone by Yours Truly. I kinda filmed it maybe don't actually watch might make you a little dizzy ...just give it a listen.

It was AWESOME!!!

Here are a few snippets of Post-Concert Commentary by a very inebriated me. You may notice I had  some issues with the cornea-sizzling brightness of the flash. I apologize for the swears...and the foolishness.

There are many many more "snippets" but I'll spare you most of them...



I'll actually write something good soon.

Zac Brown Band is kickass.


Rock Star.....out.

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