Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Attention, Fellow Bloggers!!

Hey there, other people who blog!!

I just want to pass on a tip that, if implemented, will cause a rather dramatic spike in your "Pageviews" stats...and when I say "a rather dramatic spike", I  really mean a rather dramatic spike.




All you gotta do is.....
(drumroll please)

Post a pretty fall-ish picture of a bunch of pretty mums surrounded by a whole lotta pretty pumpkins.

It's just that easy.

I posted this lovely photo this past Saturday:

...and my Pageview numbers went through the roof.

Yep. They did.

Now really all that means is that there are a ton of other weenies like me out there Google Image searching for pictures of Fall mums and/or pumpkins and that particular picture from my blog post pops up in the results and then they click on the picture and say "What a pretty Fall themed picture." and carry on with their search for more Fall-themed pictures...most likely not spending a single second actually reading my blog.


It counts as a Pageview.


This is what has happened today so far...

Search Keywords

fall pumpkins
fall pictures with pumpkins and leaves
leaves and pumpkins
country songs about broke down trucks
fall leaves and pumpkins
fall mums and pumpkin background pictures
fall pumpkins and leaves
funny pumpkins pictures
mr rogers in a speedo
pumpkins and leaves images


Pumpkins + Mums = Pageview GOLD

And ...

That would've been a big deal to me when I first started writing and would get super excited whenever I got a new Pageview and was thrilled when my numbers kept climbing and then I paid more attention to the other stats and realized that a lot of the Pageviews that I was getting were coming from other sites who are just "viewing" all sorts of blogs(including mine) hoping to get reciprocal "Pageviews" on their sites. Typically, they are hits from Russians, porn sites, other social media sites, sites that offer services that one can buy in order to guarantee an increase in Pageviews, and most recently, people who enjoy looking a pretty Fall pictures.

So really, this entire post is kinda pointless (huh?...weird) but I just thought it was kinda funny that pumpkins and mums have caused such a stir in my silly blog's statistical status.


Johnny Waite said...

I have reread this blog post a couple of times wondering if you were really going to leave "mr rogers in a speedo" entirely unaddressed. That might be my favourite part of the whole post!!

Still Singing said...

I rather liked "country songs about broke down trucks."

Laura said...

For some reason-the picture of me bent over the oven cleaning it out (ass proudly in the air), seems to generate a lot of hits!


P.S. Has anyone told you how hilarious you are yet today? Well you are!

squirrel_e_girl said...

I chose NOT to highlight the key search words that brought someone from a Middle Eastern country to my "My Little Girl Cat is an Asshole Now,Too" post....blech.
p.s. Don't worry, Laura, I tell myself I'm hilarious pretty much on an hourly basis :D But I thank you!!!

Gorilla Bananas said...

I gave up counting visits and page views a long time ago, because 90% of blog visitors are looking for something else, usually porn. I am a genuine pumpkin-and-mum lover, though. Don't Canadians say "mom"?

squirrel_e_girl said...

Bananas- I do believe "Mum" IS the word.