Saturday, July 14, 2012

Maury, an Irish Pug, Half-Naked Abercrombie & Fitch Dudes and Joe Nichols...and Nemo.

Here we are again...Country Music Song Pick Day....Volume Three.

Wait a sec...

I'm a wee bit distracted.

And disturbed.

The Girl is sitting beside me watching a YouTube video.

...which is no big deal, in and of itself...


It is a YouTube video clip from a Maury Povich show titled "15 year old girl had sex with 15 men over 300 times"   ...or something equally horrifying.

Good Christ.

That is so f*&king wrong for so many f*&king reasons. The first/worst reason is that my daughter is actually f*&king watching Maury Povich.

Though all is not lost...she is now watching a video about a little Irish pug who can't run....

She thinks it's adorable...I kinda do, too...but then I'm also a bit concerned that the poor dog has some sort of neurological problem that renders him incapable of running.

 Perhaps an inner ear abnormality that throws his equilibrium way outta whack.

 Perhaps he's been drinking. He is Irish after all.

 Who knows....

 But it's better than videos with Maury Povich and young girls having sex 300 times...

 Maybe I should re-word that last statement... Nah.

 Good Christ. Now she's watching a video featuring a bunch of shirtless male Abercrombie models singing the ridiculously overplayed Carly Rae Jepsen song.

I find this one mildly disturbing as well.

 Maybe I need to lighten up a little.

 Maybe I should start drinkin'...

 Which, interestingly enough, brings me back to my original point...

 Ahhhhhh....The Circle of Life :)

 Here's this week's:

 "squirrel_e_girl & The Girl's Country Tune of the Week"

 This week, we've chosen: "Tequila Makes Her Clothes Fall Off" by Joe Nichols

 This song is catchy and it's cute and we love it.

 We also love Joe Nichols. He's adorable. Even more adorable than that stumblin' tumblin' pug.

You may recall him from last week's pick. Did I mention we love Joe Nichols and we think he's adorable??

 Please enjoy the lyrics and ignore the video's off-the-charts-cheese-factor and all the skanky babes. (I'm speaking directly to you, Laura)

OK...that's it for this week.

We're gonna go watch "Finding Nemo". Quick!!! Pass me half a dozen Kleenexes!!

Oh Nemo!! I'm really really sorry your Mum and all your unborn siblings get eaten by a stupid barracuda. That really sucks... a lot.


Upon further viewing of the Irish Pug video, I discovered that he DOES have some sort of neurological problem.

I'm not a neurologist nor do I play one on TV...

 But I should.


Stupid Blogger keeps messing with my post!!

All my paragraph(and I use that word loosely) spacing mysteriously vanishes and then I have to re-edit and then it disappears and I have to re-edit and then random sentences end up being highlighted and then I have to re-edit and then my sentences become stupid long and grammatically incorrect ... oh...that's just the way I blog. Damn.

So please excuse any weirdo spacing and's not my fault. My blog is apparently haunted.

Also, please excuse any weirdo run-on, grammatically incorrect is entirely my fault. My grammar skills are apparently pretty close to non-existent.


Melissa Smart said...

I must be in the stupid old lady horny phase of my menstrual cycle as I greatly enjoyed the Ambercrombie video.

Of course, I also tend to lurk outside the stores whenever possible watching the young men I could have given birth to in a perverted way.


squirrel_e_girl said...

Mel- I totally get your take on the video...they are fine fine FINE looking' young men ....I was just in an easily disturbed state of mind at the time of publishing. Although, I must admit that in my advancing years, I've begun to appreciate "mature" guys more than the young dudes...weird . Although, I must also admit that I'm a sucker for a cute young man in a ball cap...a real ball cap with the peak worn in and molded...not those ridiculous flat peaked things.