Saturday, July 21, 2012

What a Honey of a Deal!! Four for the Price of One!!

(My blog is still haunted and random white highlighting is popping up where I really really REALLY don't want it to...grumblegrumblegrumble...Enjoy the post!! Ignore the stupid white highlighting!!)

I'm just gonna sneak this one in under the wire...with a mere  half hour to spare!!


Here is Week Numero Four for...

"squirrel_e_girl and The Girl's Country Tune of the Week"

Please don't take my tardiness in posting this as any reflection of how I feel about our choice(s) this week...except maybe if my late posting of this gives you the impression that I really super LOVE the song(s)...then, yes, it is indeed a reflection of how I feel about our choice(s) this week.

The Girl actually gave me carte blanche in song choice this week...and that is probably why me and my awe-inspiring decision-making skills came up with not one but SEVERAL songs for this week.

Oh yeah.

See the problem is, is that The Girl encouraged me to choose a Zac Brown Band song...since they are one of my favourite bands...

 Of all time.

Of all genres.

They are spectacularly AWESOME!!

I've mentioned them before in a couple of posts ...most significantly as an antidote to Dallas F&*king Green's beautiful moroseness.

I am super crazy pumped because My Super Crazy Awesome Guy, who cannot keep a surprise a surprise (it is physically impossible for him to do so...Fact) let it "slip" that he got tickets for Zac Brown Band's concert in Toronto in September for my birthday!!!


~ An Aside... My birthday is in August...He told me 2 weeks ago. See...birthday surprise no longer a surprise :) But now I get to be super crazy pumped for 2 and one half months instead of just a few weeks. So really, he's also given me the gift of weeks of giddy anticipation...Priceless!!

~Another Aside...I'll talk more about my birthday in a later post. Big News!!

I went through my Zac Brown Band Playlist ...which, by the by, features 49 songs...and was unable to choose just one...Also, I had to consider some input from The Girl (refer to title of this blog feature) and My Guy and both of them liked a bunch of songs, as it stands at time of typing, we're going to have three entries this week.

Firstly, my favourite song, and therefore my pick, is "Quiet Your Mind" by Zac Brown Band.

This is a big song with big sound...which kinda makes the title a wee bit ironic not to mention a little bit misleading. The depth of the sound brings to mind Dave Matthews Band and the smooth strength of ZB's voice makes me think of James Taylor...neither are bad things in my book. It's also in 3/4 time and, boy oh boy, but I do love me a song in 3/4 time...123123123123 ...smooth smooth waltzy smooth. Yep. Love it!! As well, the song builds and swells and builds and swells and sweeps me away as it builds and swells. Love it!! AND I love the message in the song.

I hope you like it:

The Girl chimed up that this is her favourite... "Keep Me In Mind". This song has such a fun funky groove to it. Awesome!!

My Guy gets a huge kick out of "Sic 'Em On a Chicken". It's a funny silly song that always makes us chuckle.


 Because it's killing me to only get one choice, I'm going to include their latest single "The Wind" and I'm embarrassed to admit that the first time I heard this on the radio, I thought to myself, "Holy Christ, Self...what the hell is this?" and I didn't much care for it and then when it dawned on me that it was my beloved ZBB's newest single...I was sad. But then the more I listened the more I here it is:

Ok... I think that's it!!

This was a very difficult task for me. There are so very many excellent songs.

I love these guys in a big bad way.

I urge you to search out and listen to any and all Zac Brown Band music. (warning: some of the actual official music videos for some of the songs are a little strange and off-putting...even for me and that's saying something)

Nighty night, y'all!!


Laura said...

I'm going to have to come back and listen to these. Frankly, I'm exhausted (big wedding yesterday) and even though it's only 7pm, I can barely keep my eyes open.

I will come back and give them a listen-I promise.
I didn't want to blow in here.. kind of read your blog post (will give it a better read when I listen to videos) and then just leave without even leaving a comment.
How rude!

I shall be back. (I usually *as I leave Walmart* raise one hand in some sort of victory pump and yell "I shan't be back"-but then I always do go back.. usually the same day so.. that's f'n stupid, I know). Anyhow.. I probably could have listened to all those songs in the time it took me to type this out... duh.


Melissa Smart said...

Oh I'm so amused. YC's fave song is Chicken Fried by them and I love Whiskey's Gone (any time you can tell someone to lick your sack in prose I'm all in).

Jealous that you are going to the show.

Might have to have you make me a disc or two of country songs to add to my (growing. shut up) collection.


squirrel_e_girl said...

Laura- Did you listen to the songs yet?? Did ya? Did ya? Huh? Did ya?

Mel- I'm so happy that you like ZBB...I heart you even more now!!! And Whiskey's Gone is brilliant. I love love LOVE the sack reference. I think you'd be hard pressed to find another song that has one.