Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Santa VS Baby Jesus

So, having been blessed with a remarkably keen scientific mind, I have decided to conduct a remarkably keen scientific experiment...

Remember about a month or so ago, I shared with you my dramatic discovery of a sure-fire method to bump up a blog's "pageview" stat??

It was something I christened the "Pumpkins & Mums Effect".

(If not, you can read about it here.)


Sadly, now that the American Thanksgiving has come and gone, my pageview stats have really taken a beating.

It would seem that nobody's interested in looking at pretty fall pictures anymore.

Google searchers are a rather fickle bunch.

~Although, the hits keep on coming for "Mr. Rogers in a Speedo"... Google searchers are a rather perverse bunch.~


Since, apparently Christmas is fast approaching ... might I add, I believe it's more fast approaching this year than in years past. Or is it just me??... I thought I'd try a little something with a festive twist.

I'm gonna solve the greatest debate surrounding the Christmas season as we know it. I'm going to put to rest the animosity and hubbub so we can all carry on and enjoy this Christmas...and perhaps a Coke... in perfect harmony

So, here it is:

Santa vs Baby Jesus... Who is the Reason for the Season??

I am going to post a nice picture of Santa in one blog post and I am going to post a nice picture of Baby Jesus in another separate blog post and then compile my pageview stats and which ever post gets the most pageviews is ...

The King of Christmas.


Problem Solved.

Holiday Harmony Achieved.

Stay Tuned!!

p.s. As a bit of a control in this experiment I'm also posting this picture:

And, this one too:

We'll see what happens.

p.p.s Please don't be offended...I'm just having fun :)

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