Saturday, June 1, 2013

Just a lil something I need to share...

Uh oh.

Approximately 43 minutes ago, I realized that my inner dialogue is being co-voiced by Peter Griffin.

For reals.

I'm not sure how long this has been going on but I have a feeling it's not a recent development.

I was just hanging around in bed playing games on my iPad after a nice little rainy day, post-work snooze. I was suffering from a particularly stubborn case of the post-nap fuzzies and thought a couple of rounds of Candy Crush Saga would clear my head (No judging...this is a Judgement-Free Zone) and all of a sudden, it slowly but surely dawned on me that Peter was commentating my moves... in my head.

Not only that, after I/Peter made a bad play OR made a funny joke, I'd hear Lois pipe up,

"Oh, Peter."

I think I need to seek professional help.


Laura said...

Okay so.. I know we said "judgment free" yet I can't help thinking... you're f'n nuts! ;)


Anonymous said...

Okay, I happened upon this blog by accident, long story. You are definitely not nuts, a lot of US hear Peter seriously....!
Funny blog, thanks for the mental detour.