Thursday, August 1, 2013

If there's such a thing as being too good at growing tomatoes...

...then that's what I am.


My tomato plants are extraordinarily HUGE.

Too huge for their own good.

Too huge for my own good.

And prolific....holy crap!!

Last year my tomatoes were too big for their cages and they fell all over themselves and the res of my garden.


This year, in an effort to avoid a repeat of last year's "success",  instead of buying regular tomato plants, I bought grape tomato plants.

Grape tomatoes are the size of ...well, they are the size of grapes....and the way I figured it, wee small tomatoes would logically have smaller, more manageable plants than the regular big tomatoes did.

I was incorrect.

These are my two grape tomato plants (there are no ripe grape tomatoes..I ate 'em. They were delicious):

I just went out to take pictures of my enormous tomato plants but photos alone could not do their enormity any I videoed it.

Real live veggie garden action.

You don't get that anywhere else but here, folks.

Here's my garden:

Oh, and in case you're wondering what my interloping gourds look like, this is one:

In keeping with the theme of insane gardens... here is a song:

Madness by: Muse

p.s. This is how you pronounce "gourd"....


Laura said...

I've got a god damn headache and haven't laughed all day.
Until I heard...
"Peter Piper Picked A Peck of Pickled Peppers"....

You're garden is nuts! I love it! I miss mine (oh oh.. here comes the me! me! me!)

My garden is now a pool.

Good choice on the song. That is one of my favourites!!! :P
Also love Uprising by Muse-which it looks like your garden might be doing. Taking over your home and all that jazz...

Were you in Jazzamatazz or whatever it was called?
I can't remember. When I saw the word "jazz" I was transported back 25ish years to a Karen with a long skirt... blouse and tie or some sort.
It could be my imagination. I'm sure that it was....
Wasn't it??

Oh God! I'm Old! I can't remember....
I need to find a year book now.


squirrel_e_girl said...

Laura- I'm happy I made you laugh...did you notice that I totally screwed it up and didn't finish...or was that why you were me.
I'm sorry about your garden morphing into a pool. My parents' pool morphed into a garden. True story...they filled it with sand and built a bunch of raised beds and Voila...fenced in garden. I still think it was a weirdo thing to do...but who am I to judge??
No...I was not in Jazzamatazz. I could not sing my way out of a wet paper bag...but I did own a couple of long skirts...didn't we all?? (Skirt -yes Tie-no chance, Lance)
I am now off to have a listen to Uprising...thanks for the tip.

...and we ARE old-ish...and if you happen to find your Paragons...please do not laugh at my manly Grade Nine pic....Thankfully, I managed to look like a girl in subsequent years.

Damn!! Now I have to go crawling around in our aptly named crawlspace so I can take a peek at my Paragons....but that'll have to wait for Muse..

Furtheron said...

My garden is a log better this year - we don't grow veg but I'm thinking about it. This year has been "save the flowers" year. It all got overgrown and things weren't healthy but I've cut back things that weren't well and they've grown and flowered, planted new things that have been a success and moved things not going too well and so far they are still alive but next year will show if they grow...

Love the song - Muse going electro, new album is a direction change but I like it

Big Bad Bald Bastard said...

All those tomatoes! I think Dr Lippman would be interested in paying your garden a visit.

squirrel_e_girl said...

Furtheron - Growing veggies is lots of fun AND you get to eat stuff...I would strongly recommend a foray into "farming". And the song IS excellent, isn't it??

B4- Your Dr. Lippman is more than welcome to come and visit my gargantuan tomato plants. Lots of them are ripening up now ...I get about a handful a day. Deelish!!