Saturday, June 30, 2012


I am super excited to announce a brand spankin' new feature of this here blog...

If you've been following my oh-so-very clever "Musings" for any length of time, you're probably well aware that I have recently developed a deep fondness and appreciation of Country Music.

It's awesome.

And I want to share its awesomeness with you, my Beloved Readers.

I know I've shared a bunch of its awesomeness in previous posts but I want to make it all fancy and official-like.

Since the vast majority of you would never, of your own volition, stop and listen to a country song even if your very life (and, quite probably, the lives of your children) depended on it, I've decided that I would do you all a very big favour and implement a new super duper bonus regular feature to my blog called:

"squirrel_e_girl's Country Tune of the Week"

Tah Dah!!!

Exciting, right??!!

And what's even more me that a most unlikely Country Music Convert (CMC)  is going to be my Key Collaborator and will help me choose my weekly picks.

And that Key Collaborator IS....

The Girl.

Tah Dah!!!

Yep. My 15 year old daughter is going to be helping me out.


A few weeks ago, she and I were driving somewhere and she was, oddly enough, once again allowing me to listen to the country station and, oddly enough, I actually caught her singing along!!

To a country song!!!???


I asked her if she was feeling ok and if maybe we should head to Emerg because she, obviously, must be suffering some sort of neurological schism and we should probably have her checked out but she said...

"I kinda really like country music."


Love it!!

So, I asked her if she wanted to help with this silly/AWESOME new blog thing and she agreed and we spent a good long time snuggled in my comfy chair watching country videos and comparing favourites and we decided on our very first offering...

She'd add her thoughts, too, except that she's away for the weekend with The Boy and their Dad...the Erstwhile Husband... and his unGirlfriend at an electronic music festival called The Electric Forest <---she usually likes that kinda music, which makes her new-found penchant for country all the more excellent ...I do hope they go easy on the ecstacy ...

 Just jokes. :D

I trust their Dad to keep them safe.
... and sunscreened.
...and well-rested.
...and to make sure they brush their teeth. out of four ain't bad.

He'll keep em safe :)

Let's get back to the matter at hand!!!

Here is...

"squirrel_e_girl & The Girl's Country Tune of the Week"(I changed the title ...part of The Girl's contract)

****Luke Bryan's "I Don't Want This Night to End"****


 ... I love love LOVE this song. It's very sexy and pretty hot but in a wonderfully subtle country song kinda way.

I'm going to post 2 videos...the first one is just the music and lyrics and then the second one will be the actual real's like a little movie with breaks in the music that I thought might be distracting to someone who's never heard the song before and I don't want to detract from your enjoyment the first time you hear it. So, if you listen to it and love it...let me rephrase that... So, when you listen to it and love it, you can watch the second video and witness the little love drama as it unfolds...OR... you could just skip ahead and watch the actual real video...It's way hotter than just a bunch of blue letters.

So here's the first music n' lyrics video:
(an aside- Do you know how difficult it is to find a song lyric video thingy where apostrophes are used properly??)

And now, to enhance your listening/viewing's the Song Story video:


...there's actually a sequel song/video that I'll post another time...don't want to overdo a good thing ;)

And so ends our first installment of "squirrel_e_girl & The Girl's Country Tune of the Week"

Make sure to tune in next week.

Same Bat Time.

Same Bat Channel.

New Bat Song.

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