Thursday, June 7, 2012



My blog now has a brand new official theme song!!!

 ...not that it ever had an original official theme song, but still.

And it's all thanks to some Jay character (I have absolutely no idea who he is) who was referenced by another person who commented on a picture a Friend Friend tagged me in.(I've no idea who she is either...the picture commenter, not my Friend Friend...I know who she is...and she's f$&king kickass).

Thank You, Jay. Whoever you are!!

And thanks, too, to my Friend Friend's Friend for referring to Jay!!

And, thanks, thrice, to my kickass Friend Friend!!

I may...or more probably, may not since I am able to upload the picture that has caused such a commotion. If I AM able to then it'll go right here:


But, as excellent as that picture is, it's not what I'm here to talk about.

Are you ready, kids??

Aye Aye, Captain!!


My Blog’s Brand New Official Theme Song is.....

"I Kissed a Girl" by Katy Perry....only it’s not for the first reason that probably immediately popped into your sweet pervy little minds...

So, what word rhymes with “Girl”???

BINGO!!!'s not Bingo ....obvs.


"SQUIRREL" rhymes with “Girl”!!!

That's right.

Awesome. I know.

So, now whenever you hear that familiar refrain: “I kissed a girl and I liked it!!” you must substitute “SQUIRREL” for “girl”.


“I kissed a SQUIRREL and I liked it!!!”


p.s Now for something completely different:(it's amazing just how many covers of "I Kissed a Squirrel" there are out there. Who knew??)

That one is by an Israeli dude named Ivri Lider ...although he may not be Israeli, it just says that this song was popular on Israeli radio so I'm drawing my own conclusions.

That one is by who the hell knows because I can't find it anymore...perhaps it says on the actual video?? It's pretty great regardless of who these fellers are.

p.p.s. I wrote this post in record time so I apologize if it's not as polished and refined as my 'work' usually is ;)


Melissa Smart said...


Every time I see or hear something squirrel-y you come to mind!

I'll have to link you to some of Jay's pics with a squirrel in them if I can find them. He had a bunch of squirrel photo bombs at one point (or maybe it was Warren, leave it with me).

Hugs you Nut!


Anonymous said...

I kissed a squirrel..and I most certainly liked it :)

-A Boy Who Likes Reading "The Hobbit"