Saturday, August 11, 2012

ABBA Goes Country!! ...not really, but...


So a super fast offering tonight...we just got back from a most excellent beach camping trip (which I will tell you all about later...lucky you) and I am sandy and soggy and pooped and very very ready to sleep in my own comfy bed.

In honour of hot and steamy summer vacations on the water....

Here is:

“squirrel_e_girl & The Girl’s Country Tune of the Week”

During our summer vacation this past week, The Girl and I got to spend a whole bunch of time together, driving in “The Super Cool Girls’ Car” (as opposed to “The Dumb Ol’ Boys’ Car”) and I think we hit a pretty solid happy medium when it came to what songs we listened to on the radio.... and what songs we didn't. 

Now that she is a bonafide country music lover, there are far fewer Mother-Daughter Punching Matches over what songs get played in the car.

We can also agree on some of the current half-decent pop songs and I can sometimes barely stomach some of the current crappy pop songs that she likes (jesus...there are some shitty SHITTY songs out there) and she tolerates some of the songs from my youth (I'm pretty sure she's a wee bit tired of hearing “OH MY GOD!!! I LOVED THIS SONG!!!” or “I was younger than you are now when this song first came out” or “HOLY SHITBALLS!!! This song has gotta be 25 years old least.” or “Man...I don't think I've heard that one in 20 years” and then I'd silently weep for 10 minutes each time I inwardly acknowledged the fact that I can actually use 20 or 25 years as cultural reference points in my past). 

And, probably best of all, were the songs from my youth that she knows and loves. YAY!!! Par example...We had a huge crazy blast singing our hearts out to “It’s My Life!!” by Bon Jovi...she actually knows all the words!!?? Not sure how or why... but she does and it's kickass that she does :)

 And ... goddamn but I do heart Jon Bon Jovi...RARRR

But, now to our this week’s pick...

We've chosen “Pontoon” by Little Big Town ...not to be confused with my video game nemesis Little Big Planet 2...Damn You, Little Big Planet!!! Damn you to Little Big Hell!!!!!

This song is groovy and fun and really really summery.

...and groovy

...and fun.


These guys are kinda like a country version of ABBA, dontcha think?? ... Well, I sure do.

Happy Summer!!!


p.s. To switch things up a bit, here is a song that definitely is NOT country but I LOVE it.

I would even go so far as to say that...

I. F$&KING. LOVE.  It.

Consequently, I want to share it with you, my Beloved Readers.

When I first heard this song, I was sure that I had heard it somewhere before...but I hadn't. 

And then I figured that it must be a cover of some super cool song that I used to know...but it wasn't. 

The explanation I came up with in order to explain its weird familiarity is that it sounds like pretty much every super cool funky sexy song I've ever heard .... all rolled into one amazing piece of awesomeness.

Here is “Youth Without Youth” by Metric (a fantastic little Canadian Band)

You're welcome...

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