Saturday, August 18, 2012

My Girl Cat is an Asshole Now, Too.

So, one of the most heartbreaking things ever just happened... my bottom lip is still pushed out in total heartbreak position...

I cleaned out my fridge in preparation for my partay and I was bringing all the compostable mouldy green stuff that had been living in there out to the compost bin when I heard the sound that some of you may know...


That is the sound a cat makes when its mouth is full of some poor little about-to-be-murdered creature...

That sound was being made by my sweet little girl cat who casually came wandering around the corner ... with a little chippy dangling from her face.

I, of course, sprung into action and grabbed the cat by the scruff of her neck and she dropped the little chippy...who was still curled up in a fetal position...

And then he slowly uncurled himself...and I could tell something was pretty wrong.

His back end wasn't moving.

His poor little chippy spine was probably broken...

Using his front legs, he dragged his poor little chippy self towards me.

He dragged himself up onto my foot and he actually tried to climb up my leg... with a desperate look on his desperate little chippy face and his poor paralyzed little chippy hind end...

"Please, Lady. Please save me."

He. Tried. To. Climb. Up. My. Leg.


There was no way I was going to be able to help the poor little chippy so I let go of my little girl cat so she could hurry up and finish what she started and turned and walked into my house.

I am very sad.

Here are pictures of the poor little chippy claw marks on my can barely see them...but they're there.

And my heart is broken.



Shane said... heart is right there..with you.

because I know you....and love you.

Laura said...

F'n cats!
Damn... I love chipmunks!
Poor chippy... :(


squirrel_e_girl said...

Thanks, guys.

I'm feeling much better now...even though my daughter totally guilted me out by telling me I was mean and that I should've kept the chippy in a cage and nurse him back to health. I suppose I could've done that...and then watch the poor little guy die a slow lingering death in my living room.


Best case scenario: He'd miraculously survive whatever internal injuries he sustained and would carry on to live a nice long happy life... dragging himself around a cage in my living room. WIN??

Who knows...maybe I am mean.