Saturday, August 25, 2012

Bob and The Boss .... Throwin' it Down.

So, once more we are mixing things up a bit with “squirrel_e_girl & The Girl’s Country Tune of the Week”. 

We are crazy like that.

This week, we have TWO count’em TWO picks...

So, here are..

“squirrel_e_girl & The Girl’s Country TuneS of the Week”

Before I begin, I have to explain why I might seem a little distracted tonight. The Girl is, once again, diverting my attention from my blogging with her YouTube viewing. 

Remember THIS??? Blech

This time I’m very much enjoying what she's playing ... but all my laughing and giggling and snorting is throwing me off my stroke. 

You see, she is going through the entire collection of “Lonely Island” videos. Her playlist includes masterpieces like “Dick in a Box” and its sequel, “Mother Lover”, and its sequel, "3 Way (The Golden Rule)". Also, “I'm On a Boat”“Jack Sparrow”“I Just Had Sex”,  and “The Creep”. All of the above songs...graciously hyper-linked for you viewing pleasure... are really REALLY funny. They are also really REALLY inappropriate. These are songs that any responsible and morally sound parent would never let their children watch, let alone giggle and snort whilst watching them WITH their children Mom & Dad, please feel free to NOT click on those blue words. Consider yourself warned...I may be a morally corrupt parent but I am a wholesome angel of a child...right, Mommy & Daddy???

DIsclaimer: Their Dad let them watch them first AND actually burned them some CDs and then they made me sit and watch some of the videos ....which wasTOTALLY uncomfortable ...but TOTALLY hilarious ...and really really TOTALLY inappropriate ... but ... He let them watch them first. BAM!! Blame and parenting shame deflected!! Oh yeah. Score one for the good guys!

Ok...she's moved onto snowboarding videos so it’s all clear and I’m good to go.

Back to:

“squirrel_e_girl & The Girl’s Country TuneS of the Week”

We had a tough time narrowing down our choices because there are a whole bunch of kickass country tunes floating around these days. So we settled on a sort of theme...

Country Tunes With Titles That Would Lead One To Believe That They Are Not Country Tunes. 

OR ....more specifically,

Country Tunes With Titles Featuring The Names of Other Singers Who Are Definitely Not Singers of Country Tunes.

My choice is a song that I absolutely adore. It is so sweet and gentle and makes me want to close my eyes and sway with the music. 

It also has a super catchy chorus...which is super fun to sing...and probably not super fun for those forced to listen to me sing “WooOooHoo" over and over again...

You'll understand better once you listen to it.

My choice is “Bob Marley” by: the very adorable and very Canadian, Dean Brody

Have a little listen...

The Girl’s choice is "Springsteen" by: Eric Church. 

She likes this one because “It's a really nice song and I like listening to it”.

Fair enough....I like listening to it, too...


It is key in tying our whole “theme” idea together.


It, TOO, has a super catchy chorus "WhoaOhOhOhOh".

Here it is:

Bob vs Bruce.... You be the Judge.

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