Saturday, December 1, 2012

A little bit HO! HO! HO! and a little bit YEEHAW!!

Alrighty then...

Now that I have fully established a Christmas-y theme here in the ol' Cage of the Squirrel, I thought I would enhance this festive mood by adding some tunes...

More specifically...

A tune.

Even specifically-er...

A Country Tune...

A Country Christmas-y Tune.

Here we go:

"squirrel_e_girl & The Boy's (Christmas-y) Country Tune of the Week"


You heard right.

The Boy is this week's co-contributor.

Which is great in so many ways, mostly because he doesn't much care for country music.

 (Although, every now and then, I do catch him singing a Zac Brown Band song under his breath...HA!!)

...and the fact that he is actually showing any interest in my blog is kinda fun :)

He was with me last week when I first heard this song and he immediately suggested that I use it in my blog.

He's a good kid.

...even if he doesn't read my blog.

... or know when my birthday is.

You hear that???

That's the sound of a mother's heart breaking.

OK...enough of that!!!

Let's get down to our Country Christmas-y business.

This week's song is:

"Santa Came Anyway" by: Dan Swinimer

I've known Dan since I was 15.

We were in the same music class.

I played sax and he played drums.

I happened to sit on the other side of the classroom from him, between two of his very good friends.

They were extremely well-behaved and quietly studious young men who devoted their time spent in class to bettering themselves as students of music...


 Those crazy little bastards got me in trouble on a daily basis.

It was awesome.

Anyhow, over the years, despite tormenting at least 2 high school music teachers, Dan has devoted his life to making music (and a wonderful family) in a bunch of different capacities.

You can read more about that stuff here:

He is not a country music artist but he does write country tunes...or at least he's written one country tune.

He wrote and recorded this semi-autobiographic song by himself in his basement and it was submitted to a country radio station out in Vancouver to compete in its New Country Challenge (Christmas Edition).

Earlier this week, "Santa Came Anyway" was retired...undefeated after 5 crushing victories :D


It's funny and it's cute and here it is:

It will be soon be available on iTunes and all proceeds are being donated to charity.

That Dan Swinimer....he's a good guy :D

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