Thursday, December 27, 2012


This is the first thing I saw this morning:

My closet door was open ALL NIGHT.


 I didn't get sucked into it by a lunatic clown.

I have not willingly/knowingly slept with my closet door open since 1982.

In 1982,  My Dad, acting on a horribly misguided suggestion from a so-called friend, brought his young family to see a "fun" movie called "Poltergeist".

My life has never been the same.

Most notably, I have NEVER slept with my closet door open.


But I did last night.

...even though these were my last words to My Guy before I turned off my light:

"Oh shit...I forgot my closet door open. Can you close it please? Thanks"

And then I fell asleep.... blissfully unaware that he had in fact NOT CLOSED MY CLOSET DOOR EVEN THOUGH I ASKED HIM SWEETLY!!!

We will be discussing this when we speak at lunchtime.

It is the second near-death experience I have endured in the past week. (well, technically, it's the third, if you count The Apocalypse That Never Was)

Hopefully, I will make it to see the dawning of 2013.

p.s. In an effort to maintain my blog's Full Disclosure closet is never that tidy. It just so happens that yesterday was the day that I switched my closet over from summer to winter and everything is still all neat and organized-like.

Yes, yesterday was December 26th....and I live in Canada.


Laura said...

I'm glad that you're OK. I cannot sleep with an open closet door either.
What are the odds that the evil clown was haunting someone else's closet that night? Lucky girl!

I embiggened your picture at first.. unsure what the problem was.. and then I saw it. :0

Your guy sure has some explaining to do!!!!!!


Still Singing said...

Too funny! I will be switching mine over from summer to winter this weekend. Of course, I kind of have the excuse that we went on a tropical vacation, hence leaving all the summer stuff within easy reach...
Glad you survived!!!

Shane said...

Your Guy is a jerk!!
I, for one, am super happy that you were still here this morning to kiss goodbye before I left for work :)
Wait a minute!!...I am your Guy...sorry.

Big Bad Bald Bastard said...

In 1982, My Dad, acting on a horribly misguided suggestion from a so-called friend, brought his young family to see a "fun" movie called "Poltergeist".

Your dad's friend sounds suspiciously like my friend who told everybody that Reservoir Dogs was, and I quote, "a great date movie."

Karen Graham said...

That was too close(et) for comfort, Kar.
Please install a self-closing-door-hinge thingy on that sucker immediately.