Saturday, December 8, 2012

Holy Crap!!! Did he just take out part of a moving train with an excavator??

Why, yes.

Yes, he did.

And it was f*@king wicked!!!

Just went to see Skyfall.

It is kickass.

I spent the entire movie in an state of extreme giddy titillation.

Dirtbike chases through Istanbul??

Oh yeah!!

Fist fights on the roof of a train??

You betcha!!

A bad guy plummets to his death from the shot out window of a crazy tall neon lit skyscraper in Shanghai?


A bad guy gets eaten by a Komodo Dragon??


Steamy shower smoochy scenes??

Bring it on!!

...and that all happened in the first 8 minutes!! ...not really...probably more like the first half hour, but still.

Goddamn, I love James Bond movies...ones with Daniel Craig in them anyway.

I am a relative newcomer to the whole James Bond thing having only watched the 3 movies featuring Daniel Craig as 007.  I am fully ...and completely ... entertained by the over the top action scenes and the cool gadgets and the implausible story lines...and by D.C. himself.


Daniel Craig rocks my socks.

Check back with me later...I think we might watch some more Bond movies, starting back 50 years ago at the beginning of the movies and working our way to present day.

We'll see if my fondness for all things Mr. Bond spans the ages.

Sean Connery is almost as dreamy as D.C. so I think his movies will pass muster.

The other Bonds?? I'll let you know.


Big Bad Bald Bastard said...

Sounds like someone's going to lock herself in the living room with a big bucket of popcorn and a few dozen DVDs for a couple of weeks.

Sean Connery is okay, but those James Bond movies would have been a million times cooler if they'd starred Vincent Price.

Laura said...

I've been avoiding Skyfall. Not because of D.C. cause-Laura loves him!!!
The dialogue is just weird. Anyhow.. the Orillia theater.. being so damn crappy.. still hasn't brought anything really "good" in (for the past 2 weeks) so I may have to see it this week.

Your positive review has given me hope.


squirrel_e_girl said...

BBBB - Cooler?? ...perhaps. Sexier?? ... not a chance.

Laura - Nothing good?? Are you drunk??...Skyfall?? Life of Pi?? Rise of the Guardians?? Breaking Dawn - Part 2?? (I just threw that last one in for jokes...although I do have to see it with The Girl in order to finish out the of life..that sort of thing) AND THEN...this week The FUCKING Hobbit opens!!! and please don't say anything disparaging about The Hobbit for I have been waiting for this movie for 33 years...give or take.

Laura said...

Believe it or not.. I've seen all the rest. (even the circle of life, Breaking Dawn Part 2).
So don't start with me bitch.

Okay. I won't say anything about The Hobbit. :)
You're welcome.


Big Bad Bald Bastard said...

BBBB - Cooler?? ...perhaps. Sexier?? ... not a chance.

Are you sure? At least one person thinks that Vincent Price was sexy.

squirrel_e_girl said...

Laura- Don't worry. I won't be startin' with you as long as you don't be hatin' on Bilbo....bitch.

BBBB- Well, that lil montage did nothing to convince me that Vince would hold a candle to Sean in the sexy department. Although, if there was an award for Most Agressive Smoocher, VP would be a shoe-in. He doesn't kiss the ladies as much as devour their faces. Yikes.

Melissa Smart said...

Did you get advance tix for the 10pm show on the Thursday night?

If yes, let me know and we can wait in line for several hours together.

If no, I'm going to barrage your blog, facebook, iphone, home phone and car windscreen with spoilers as you are no true fan if you aren't willing to go to work the next day on three hours of sleep.

Not that I'm a fanatic or anything.


Wow, re-reading that post I see it could be taken the wrong way. Huh.

It's been broken into three movies not two (<----spoiler one)

squirrel_e_girl said...

Mel - Me??? Wait in line with a large number of people?? You do know it's ME you're talking to right?? ;) The way I see it, I've been waiting for over thirty years...what's a couple of nights more, really? But I commend you on your dedication and hard-core-ness. Well Done!!