Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Cry Me Another River - An Update

So, as has been established on numerous occasions, I am a weinie ....and, a while ago, I wrote a post about all the things that make me cry. If you’d like, you can read it here

It is rivetingly fascinating stuff.

Trust me.


I've been meaning to update my list with the addition something that waaaay should've been on the original list and I can’t believe I missed it the first time around.

 I've also got a rather significant new entry and I figure now’s as good a time as any, so here I go with...

A Comprehensive List Of More Things That Make Me Cry
by: squirrel_e_girl

  • The Glaring Omission- A song titled “Pride” by Elmo and The Goo Goo Dolls

You heard me...

Elmo...and ...The Goo Goo Dolls.

A long, long time ago, a friend made a wonderful cd for me and my wee kiddos. She gave it to us during a weekend visit with her and her family. Our new CD was chosen to be the soundtrack for the drive home. 

All was going well until this particular song came on ...It grabbed hold of my heart and squeezed it until tears were streaming down my splotchy and emotion-contorted face...I think I might've sobbed once or twice...maybe.

 At first, I blamed my blubbery response on the magnificent hangover I was in the process of enduring but here I am, 14 years later and STILL, it squeezes tears outta my sappy heart. 

I think what gets me is knowing how blissfully and beautifully proud wee ones are of all their latest and greatest accomplishments and the hard-fought mastery of skills that previously only big kids and Mummy and Daddy possessed.

Life is so exciting and new and full of joy...

YAY ME!!!!! I can do it!!!


Give it a little listen and...Please pass me a Kleenex..

Isn't it great?? here's the next one:

  • The Latest Addition - The senseless slaughter of 20 babies.

20 babies who were learning to dress themselves.

20 babies who were learning to tie their shoes...

...make their own bed
...add 2+2
...fall down and not cry
...drink up all their milk and eat up all their peas

Those beautiful babies. 

I didn't cry when I first heard of the shooting.

I didn’t cry as I watched the scene unfold through footage filmed from a helicopter as it hovered over Sandy Hook Elementary School.

I didn’t cry as I watched children being whisked through a parking lot by horrified and grateful parents to the safety of their homes.

I couldn't cry. 

I could not fully comprehend what I was witnessing.

I was numb.

I couldn't cry.

I couldn't speak.

I turned the computer off and got into my car to drive back to work.

And as I drove, my mind started reeling...

20 Elementary School Students murdered.

20 Grade One students murdered.

20 six and seven year old little girls and boys.

20 babies.


Babies shot by a boy wielding a semi-automatic assault rifle.

...and then I cried.

I cannot think of them...or their parents...or their families ....or their friends ...or their brave brave teachers ...without crying.

The other day, My Big Girl...who, not very long ago, was only 6 and then only 7...and I were looking at the pictures of those beautiful a sort of stunned silence. The silence was broken by my daughter as she said, “Look at their little teeth.” 

From a flat cold computer screen, 20 little faces looked up at us with smiles full of their little shiny white baby teeth.

Baby teeth that they'll never be over-the-moon excited to lose.

Those beautiful babies.

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Laura said...

They'll never be the monsters that they dreamed they'd always be. :(