Monday, December 24, 2012

All Sorts of Peace on Earth.... is Christmas Eve Day and I would love to give you, My Beloved Readers, a priceless Christmas gift.

I am giving you the gift of World Peace.


I am.

You may recall, about a month ago, I decided to uncover who really is the Reason for the Season using science....or or the otherOriginally, I thought my experiment was born of the realm of science but, upon reflection, I think it's actually probably more of an experiment of the mathematical kind. I'm not entirely sure exactly how I did it but regardless of however I did do it, the important thing is that I DID it.

I, squirrel_e_girl, have THE definitive answer to the burning question that has plagued us all for centuries ...

Who really IS The Reason for the Season?

Well, be plagued no longer,  for I have resolved the age-old, world-wide raging battle between Jesus Christ and Santa Claus.



The Man in Red, himself....


I actually did NOT see that one coming.

It was absolutely no surprise that, for most of competition/experiment, Hot Babes Dressed as Santa led the pack a lot...and when I say 'by a lot', I mean 'by A LOT'... but over the past week or so, as Christmas fast approached, Santa Dressed as Santa caught fire and came out on top.

Here's how it all breaks down:

with 222 Pageviews

The Lovely Ladies scored 209 Views.


Santa/JC combo garnered 196 Pageviews.

Baby Jesus got his wee arse kicked and finished with 134. Sorry lil dude.

So, there you have it.

Santa Wins.

Debate Settled = WORLD PEACE!!

A Christmas gift from me to YOU!!

You're Welcome.




Here's one of my favourites :)

And this one too:

It's David Fucking Bowie ...And it's Bing Fucking Crosby, pal.

p.s. Notice all the excellent spacing and symmetrical  picture placement and perfect caption positioning in this post??? yeah neither.


Laura said...

Of course Santa is the reason! Massimo is losing his mind right now because Baby Jesus was born some 2000+ years ago!!!

Merry Christmas Chickie! I hope you and yours have a wonderful holiday. :)

Big Bad Bald Bastard said...

Needs more 9/11 weeping.

Karen Graham said...

And henceforth and forevermore we may now ask ourselves, whenever faced with questions or issues that raise ethical and moral conundra (?): What Would Santa Do?

I am already feeling *way* more peaceful as a result of this well-designed, scientifically rigorous research.

Thank you Squirrel_e_Grrl