Friday, December 7, 2012

'cause it's worth it :)

Since it's Friday afternoon, and, from what I hear from people in the know, no one really does any real work on Friday afternoons, I figured some of you might be a wee bit bored so I thought I'd do my good deed/random act of kindness for the day and relieve your boredom.

I'm good like that.

I am going to share a couple of short little videos that bring me great joy. They are silly and funny and goofy and adorable and sweet and awesome...and those are all excellent things in my books.

I saw the first one a while back and I believe, just by watching it, my world became a better place. I didn't even realize that a sequel existed until earlier this week...

World now an even better place??


Ladies and Gentlemen, may I introduce/re-introduce to you...

Marcel the Shell With Shoes On.

I, too, only fight when provoked.

And, for more wonderful wonderfullness, Marcel the Shell With Shoes On, Two.
(I actually think I like this one more than the first one.)

I Heart Marcel.
And Treats.
And Snoozin'.
Treats and Snoozin'
Snoozin' and Treats.
That's it.

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